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Welcome to the map creator for Minecraft 1.12 by Skyball!

A tutorial on how to use it 

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Coordinate of the upper left corner (A1 square, see image below) of the Map to be build on the wall:

Create a single map in your Minecraft world of the area you want to be the A1 square (see image below) of your map on the wall.
Go to the middle of the single map you've just created and pick the coordinates of that block. Put them here:

Rows (horizontal, view image below):

Columns/Lines (vertical, view image below):

Map-id (if you want to add the "click to teleport"-feature, you will have to memorize the id and enter it later again)
(enter map-id of the map you want to add the "click to teleport"-feature to):

What do you want to create?
Create Map (look at the image below the large one to know how to start the creation-process)
Create "click to teleport"-feature (right-click the map to teleport to the location you are looking at)

To start the creation-process, stand on a dry sponge with a sandstone below it, under the sandstone a stone block:


Click here to get to the imprint.