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Welcome to the vanilla morph creator for Minecraft 1.12 by Skyball!

A tutorial on how to use it 

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[1] First, run 'Create basic elements' once and copy the text into your function:

What rotation of your head (look direction) and body will be transfered from you to the mob you morph to?

[2, 3, 4, ...] Then you can repeatedly add your mobs you want to morph to (copy it below the 'Create basic elements' text you've created above):

What mob will you be morphed into?

Additional NBT-data for the mob:

Useful information:

- Right-click the carrot on a stick you get by entering the command from "Create morph-function" to morph into the entered mob
- If you lost your carrot on a stick, enter "/scoreboard players tag @s add regive" to get it back
- Hold a (stone) button to get an overview
- Hold a gunpowder as creeper to ignite
- Hold a blaze powder to put your mob on fire (it won't take damage)


Click here to get to the imprint.