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If you are an average American, you will spend an average of 6 months of your life waiting at red lights.

Welcome to the custom nametag generator for Minecraft 1.12 by Skyball!

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Important: Before beeing able to use the custom nametag, you have to enter this command: Click here

Nametag (no spaces):

Then enter this command to give the [PLAYER] the Nametag:

If you want to create a nametag with spaces, use this command. The [PLAYER] will get the [NAMETAG] which can contain spaces:
/execute [PLAYER] ~ ~ ~ entitydata @e[tag=cnametag,r=3,c=1] {CustomName:"[NAMETAG]"}

Enter this to remove the nametag from the [PLAYER]: /execute [PLAYER] ~ ~ ~ entitydata @e[tag=cnametag,r=3,c=1] {CustomName:"remove"}


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