Custom commands

Custom commands can be used by the player to interact with the environment. They allow you to create pretty much any interaction you want, since they are completely customizable.

Building a custom command

Let's build a command together: eat [ITEM] should trigger an event eat at the item with the given name.
Press ctrl+n to create a new custom command and press ctrl+7 to open the command editor:
The syntax of the command is expressed through a regular expression. You can learn how to build those at Every group that is being captured (groups are captured by ()) can then be used as a parameter for the command.
So, our syntax would be: eat (.+)
We want to pass the name as a parameter, so put itemName as a parameter in the parameters text field.
If you ever happen to build an invalid reqular expression, the text area turns red and you can't save the command:
Once the player enters a command that matches the regular expression, the commandExecuted event is executed, so let's write this one next:
The event eat of the item with the name itemName should be executed. This means we need the selector that selects all objects that are items and have the given name: #type:item;name:{itemName}#
Now we need to execute the event: execute event {event|#type:item;name:{itemName}#|eat} as #type:item;name:{itemName}# {}
Which is already everything we need:
Now we need to create the event eat for every item that should be consumable. This would be the bread and cheese for me:
I've simply put a print statement into the newly created eat events: print I just got eaten! I was a bread... print I just got eaten! I was some cheese...
Let's try it out! After entering the command, as expected, the command executed the according events:
Also, notice that everything until the first parameter has been colored yellow.
Now try making it so that the player needs to have at least one of the item type in his inventory in order to be able to eat it!

Pre coded commands

There are a few basic commands that you can use:

Name Description
Talk Triggers the event talkTo of all NPCs at the current player location
UseItemWithUID Triggers the event use of the item with the uid given as parameter. Requieres the player inventory to contain at least one of the item type
Walk Triggers the event walk of the current player location
Examine Triggers the event examine of the current location, items in inventory of location, NPCs at current location and items in player inventory

The command UseItemWithUID is not for the player to enter but for the Use button in the player inventory after clicking on an item.