Yan Wittmann



Who am I and what is this?

I'm currently 21 years old and just finished high school.
On this page you can find all of my recent projects and further information about myself. A lot of the things might seem a bit random, but that's just who I am.
I hope you find something that you are interested in!

RPG Engine

The RPG Engine allows for the creation of text based adventures with battle maps.

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Use this application to launch a variety of processes on your system.

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Here's a small oversight of the stuff I made in blender.

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Sometimes, I even do stuff away from the computer.

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Games I recommend

A few games I can only recommend playing.

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Game Jams and more

I took part in a couple of game jams so far. Here are the games that came out!

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WiFi Locator

Some collect Pokémon, I collect Wifis. Do you want to help me?

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I used to code a lot in Minecraft. Visit me on PlanetMinecraft to see what stuff I made.

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Eine Website, auf der eine Zusammenfassung der wichtigsten Themen für's IT Abitur zu finden ist!

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Even more of me

Not enough? This page has a lot more to offer! Just click on one of the links below:

Bingo boards (only if I generate one)
Relations between the Nomai in Outer Wilds
Noch mehr Zusammenfassungen...

...and even more but the rest is rather unimportant.