Item Types define the items you can later put in inventories and use on battle maps. You don't need to add an item type multiple times, since the item types are merely a preset and all items you distribute from this item type will access the data from the item type.

Items in inventories

You can add an item to an inventory via the inventory editor. If you add an item to the player inventory, it will then appear in the player stats frame where the player can view and use it. If the player clicks on an item, he will see the following:
If he clicks on Examine, a new frame will open showing all of the item data:
If he clicks on Use, the use event of the item is executed, which can be used, for example, for consumables.
If he clicks on Equip, the item will be equipped into one of three possible slots. Which slot depends on the hands variable: If it has the value 1, it is put into the main hand (if there is no item there, otherwise in the offhand if this one is free). If it has the value 2 it will be put into both hands (if both are free) and if it has the value armor, it will be worn as armor giving the player the amount of protection that the armor variable defines.
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If you set the color variable, the item name will be colored with this hex value in the inventory (color = daf542):


The items can have a couple of variables:

Variable Description
armor Reduces the amount of damage taken when equipped as armor item
color hex color value that determines the color of the item name in the inventory
weight How much the item adds to the inventory weight
damage How much damage the item deals (see below for more infos)
range The range of the item on the battle map
value How much the item is worth (unused)
hands Can be either 1, 2 or armor and describes the slots the item takes

The damage string can be built this way:

  • every roll is expressed like this: [AMOUNT OF ROLLS]W[DICE SIDES]
    Examples: 1W6, 3W20
  • combining rolls and values: [ROLL/VALUE] [+;-;*;/] [ROLL/VALUE]

A few examples:
2W6 - 3 1W20 + 3 - 1W6 1W6 * 2


The item can have the following tag:

Tag name Description
viewCanBeObstructed Removes check if there is an obstacle between you and the enemy on battleMaps (item can be used through obstacles)

Items on battle maps

You can add items onto battle maps:
Every time the player or an NPC walk over an item, the walkOnItem event of the battle map is triggered. Enemies will not change their behaviour based on items on the ground. ‏‏‎ ‎