When creating a new talent, you can pick up to three different attributes from this list:

  • courage
  • wisdom
  • intuition
  • charisma
  • dexterity
  • agility

Roll talents

You can let the player roll a talent using the if talent command:

if<not> talent [VALUE(talentname)] DC [VALUE(dc)] [true;false(visible)] [true;false(autoroll)] [VALUE(message);none] (

When rolling for a talent, you will need to add a DC, a difficulty class. The higher the DC, the more difficult the check is.
For each attribute the talent has, the player rolls a D20 and adds his according character attribute value. If any of the up to three attributes fall below the DC the check fails. If he passes all three, the check is a success.
Here's an example:

if talent Stealth DC 20 true false Roll for your life! (

The player needs to roll the talent Stealth (which only has DEX as attribute) and reach at least 20 with his DEX value + his roll. Let's say he has a 12 as DEX. He now needs to roll at least 8 with the D20 to complete the check. You can also use the talent variable:


which simply returns true or false depending on if the player completed the check. Here's an example:

evaluate {talent|Traps|20|true|false|Roll for your life!}

If your talent requires more than one attribute, the player will need to pass the DC for each attribute.